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2021-11-12 07:30:34 By : Ms. Summer liu

Biesse stated that its Selco WN2 series of beam saws is an ideal solution for small businesses seeking to increase production and quality. The WN2 series has a patented quick disconnect tool, helical rack and pinion saw carriage drive and a PC-based user interface.

Biesse is the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical solutions that can help our customers create new businesses. Our products include cutting-edge technologies for the manufacture of panels, solid wood, plastics, composites and advanced materials, as well as new software modules. From integrated production lines with robots and automation to entry-level machines, we provide solutions for production of all sizes. Some highlights include high-speed nesting of robots for loading and unloading, Vietnamese wide belt sander and automatic sanding solution with new Sculpture Pad for effect sanding, CNC router, 5-axis machine, with award-winning AirForce hot air system edge banding machine and Biesse's new breakthrough PUR application system, TM10 pre-melting device, drilling machine, panel saw, etc. From preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance, Biesse's goal is not only to become a technical leader in the field of machine technology, but also a technical leader in the field of services. SOPHIA is Biesse's IoT and PARTS platform, which takes our machines to a higher level. Witness this breakthrough innovation and understand how SOPHIA can create greater value from your machine, providing a comprehensive overview of machine performance characteristics through remote diagnosis, continuously updated statistics, and full integration with our new PARTS portal, where customers can Purchase parts, check availability and track purchases 24/7.


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