This Portable Jump Starter Is a Travel Must-have

2022-12-08 21:24:03 By : Mr. Ron Guo

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A winter road trip is no time to be unprepared. Whiteout conditions and icy roads can happen unexpectedly, and you don’t want to be stuck in your car without an emergency plan, especially if you’re trying to make it home for the holidays.  Luckily, there's a life-saver of a tool to use for road protection, and you’re going to want to make sure it’s in your car too. A portable power station. Portable Vacuum Car Cleaner

This Portable Jump Starter Is a Travel Must-have

Take it from me — my family and I got caught in a snow blizzard in the middle of Wyoming a few years ago. The one thing that saved the day (and honestly, us) was our Duracell Powerpack Pro Portable Power Station. While my to-to power station is an older model and a bit difficult to track down online, if you’re in the market, I found a more affordable and highly rated option: the Michelin ML0728 Portable Jump Starter, which is currently 40 percent off at Amazon. 

During that nerve-wracking experience, our portable power station allowed us to  jump-start the car because the battery died from the cold. We then used the powerful built-in flashlight as a beacon while we followed a snowplow to safety because of the sudden whiteout conditions we found ourselves in. We even used the AM radio linked to the local radio station for storm updates because all phone lines were down. It was a scary situation that reinforced the mantra of “always be prepared for anything” in my family. We never go on a road trip without ours.

To buy:,  $139 (originally $230)

Amazon shoppers agree, too. With hundreds of five-star ratings, the Michelin ML0728 Portable Power Source has just about everything you need for a road emergency: a jump starter, air inflator, two AC outlets, and a USB power port. It also has an LED work light, an AUX input port, and an AM/FM radio with a digital tuner. With a powerful air compressor that outputs 260 PSI, it will air up any car, truck, or SUV tire, as well as motorcycle, bicycle, and even lawnmower. 

One Amazon shopper called it a very handy unit that is easy to use and makes a great gift. “I have ordered four units up to this point, and everybody likes theirs as well as I like mine. I've used it more to help others with jump starts or tire inflation than I have for myself. Several friends are going to order one for themselves.”

One of the primary uses of the Michelin jump starter is to help vehicles in emergencies like a flat tire or a dead battery. With 100 peak AMPS and a 300-cranking AMPS car jump, this power source provides portable power on the go. It also has a built-in power inverter with a 200-Watts rating and a 400-Watts surge capability. This means it can act as a wall outlet type of AC power and USB power port to charge all your devices — big and small.

It also makes a great tool to have when camping, according to another shopper. “Two days after I got it, I needed to jump the car unexpectedly. This power source was lightweight, [and] very easy to use and store in my car.” They added, “I ended up needing to use the power source two more times that same week before I finally decided I had to replace my car battery. I did not have time to charge the power source between jumps, so I was very pleased that despite repeated uses, the power source had plenty of power. A great option for any ‘just in case' situations.”

Additionally, the Michelin ML0728 Portable Power Source goes above and beyond, providing great entertainment options with the built-in digital Bluetooth radio. And with the AUX outlet provided, you can even crank up your favorite playlist on the go. All the cables and wires neatly tuck away when not in use, making the unit compact — perfect for carrying and storage.

Several shoppers called this unit a versatile must-have for road trips. “It can even put air in a completely flat tire to get to the shop. It is a great value for so many functions and well worth the price for emergencies,” one shopper shared. 

With the right planning, every season can be a road trip season, even winter. And if you’re like me, you’ll have a lot more peace of mind with a portable power station in tow on your travels. With 40 percent off, now is a great time to buy the Michelin ML0728 Portable Power Source for yourself and for your loved ones. After all, it is always better to be prepared for any eventuality.

At the time of publishing, the price was $139. 

This Portable Jump Starter Is a Travel Must-have

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