The man brought a special card board gift to the Montana firefighters

2021-11-11 08:18:49 By : Mr. Jacob Liu

Missoula-Jim Tripp has deep roots in Montana; he lives here, works here, and watches his family grow up here, and now he expresses his gratitude to the people who keep this place running Thank you-firefighters.

The reason why he said "thank you" is simple, but the way he expresses his gratitude is unique-it all started with a hunting trip.

"I have an uncle-Gene Trip-he has a hunting camp in Belmont, we used to hunt there for many years, we couldn't find a good card board, so I made one," Jim said.

With his amazing woodworking talent, Jim said that he has made at least a thousand pieces of cardboard since that day.

"Well, I have a template. It is made of stainless steel. I can show it to you. It's on my drill press. I put it on the board and drilled it," Jim said. "And my wood comes from high-quality hardwoods because they are all good woods. I have myrtle from Oregon. I have oak, cherry, coffee and sycamore."

Now, when it comes to making a good cardboard, you need to have a good understanding of the wood itself, and then you have to cut the wood, sand the wood, router, drill and make nails.

This is a process, Jim said he can't do it alone. Scott from Superior Hardwood cut the plank to 18 inches, Bear from Whitedog Woodshop planed the plank flat, and the Titleist dog accompanied him.

Jim sold some boards, but recently, his cribbage boards fell into the hands of some first responders. "I want to do something different and give them to the fire department."

"You know, they are there 24/7. I'm sure it can be a little boring to sit here sometimes, and then I find that a lot of people are playing card games," Jim explained.

For this Montana man, kindness is second nature, and there is no need to make a fuss. After all, "A lot of people know how to play, but it's hard to find a good card board," Jim concluded.