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2021-11-11 08:19:50 By : Mr. BEYOU EXTRUSION

After recent government restrictions and shutdowns due to the global pandemic, VWM, a supplier of woodworking machinery and equipment in Lancashire, reported that orders for its Technos CNC machining center series are very healthy.

"Since February of this year, we have received orders for more than 19 machines," said Jason Varey, VWM Sales Director. "Considering the very difficult trading period we are in, this is truly amazing. Our machining center series It has now been developed to five models, which can be upgraded to meet the individual needs of customers-although many people think this machine is a new product on the market.

"Our starting machine is our Technos Midi CNC, which is mainly aimed at educational institutions or customers who wish to have very high precision in small desktop machines. The machine starts at £11,950 and is fully subject to CE in its own housing. Protection, using the same precision ground spiral rack as all larger models, and always equipped with European electrical components as standard.

"From there we developed to our Technos 1325 Start machine, which is mainly aimed at new companies seeking a very precise medium-sized CNC to start their CNC machining journey," Jason explained.

"This machine can be configured with a bed size of 1300 x 2500 or 1600 x 3100 mm, and has an eight-position tool changer and a 5.5kW spindle and air flow pump. The model starts at £18,750-also manufactured to the highest standards and mainly used European components.

"Our best-selling machine is Technos ECO, which can be configured with many different options. We can have table sizes from 1325 to 1600 x 3100 and 2100 x 3100, and even larger. We are working from furniture manufacturers to professional plastics, Various industries for composite materials and aerospace manufacturing components have these types of machines.

"The starting price of this machine is 23,600 pounds, and the starting price depends on the specifications," Jason said. "Different head types can be configured, with a standard 250m3 vacuum pump, which is very suitable for nested components and different furniture components.

"Our top machine is our Technos HD series. This machine is an ultra-fast machine with a rotary tool changer that is carried with the spindle for fast tool change. It can also be equipped with multi-axis heads and vacuum guides— —Instead of a flat matrix table — and has a very attractive starting price of £39,700. The size of the bed can also be configured according to any requirement, we have a machine with a 6m table in the composites industry today!

"All of our machines come standard with Vectric Cut 2D Pro software, complete installation and training. We also provide a very attractive two-year full warranty (subject to terms). This can also be done through us to satisfy every customer Advanced service packages tailored to the needs of the company’s needs to be expanded."

Jason concluded: "At VWM, we always wanted to keep four machines in our showroom for live demonstrations-but due to recent incidents, it was difficult to keep them inside! But now everything is settled down. , We have stock for display, and our showroom always welcomes visitors."

01282 870077 info@vwm.co.uk www.vwm.co.uk

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