High-speed CNC Woodworking Machining Center Router

               China CNC Woodworking Machining Center PA-3713Product Features:1.Centralized automatic lubrication system.2. Centralized dust collection control system3. Tool automatic compensation system.4. Automatic backlash preloading mechanism.5. Refrigeration and air conditioning elect

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               China CNC Woodworking Machining Center PA-3713

Product Features
1.Centralized automatic lubrication system.
2. Centralized dust collection control system
3. Tool automatic compensation system.
4. Automatic backlash preloading mechanism.
5. Refrigeration and air conditioning electric control box.
6. Two Z axes rise and descend mechanism
7. High rigidity design.
8. Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and rail guide.
9. Taiwan precise spiral rack transmission.
10. Italy HSD auto tool changing high frequency spindle.
11. Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver.
12. Taiwan planetary type reducer.

13. Drum type aluminum alloy tool changer with 8 tools.
14. Italian OSIA-PC control system.
15. Italian 7 vertical and 2 horizontal pneumatic line boring head

Applicable Applications:
Processing of solid wood combination door components can be finished at one time, processing time of 7 components combination door is about 10 minutes.
Production process of milling, sawing, drilling can finish inside molding, hole mortising, door core double sides processing, etc. at the same time.
Break through traditional processing mode, meanwhile, replace six traditional processing equipments and significantly shorten the production process and processing time.
Specializing in the production of solid wood combination doors, solid wood arch doors and solid wood decoration frames, etc.
Ideal for processing OA office desk, audiovisual cabinet, central control and monitor console, display counter etc.
Technical Parameters:
Vacuum Table Table Size(mm) 1300x10pcs Rapid Speed X&Y(M/Min) 80
Max.working stroke X(mm) 4000mm Z(M/Min) 20
Y(mm) 1700mm Main Power Spindle Power 12kw-HSK-63F
Z1&Z2(mm) 300mm Vacuum Pump 7.5kw-250m3/h
Working Height(mm) 200mm Pneumatic Line Boring Head 7V2H-2.2kw
Working area(mm) 3700x1300 Dimensions Area(mm) 4700x3200x2300mm
Distance Between Spindles  Net Weight(kg) 4200kg

High Speed CNC Woodworking Machining Center Router
High Speed CNC Woodworking Machining Center Router

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