Woodworking wooden door CNC nesting machine

 Technology parameter  namesizebranddescriptionspindle9KWCCFamous brandDrill unit5+4CCHigh precision/stable performanceControl system SYNTECTaiwanFriendly/stable operation interfaceRail X,Y30,Z25Taiwan5000 km maintenance free / 3 layer LACAS dustproofServo motorSYNTECTaiwanHigh symmetry / high speed / high precisi

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Woodworking CNC Nesting Machinery for Wood Door Making

Technology parameter  
spindle9KWCCFamous brand
Drill unit5+4CCHigh precision/stable performance
Control system SYNTECTaiwanFriendly/stable operation interface
Rail X,Y30,Z25Taiwan5000 km maintenance free / 3 layer LACAS dustproof
Servo motorSYNTECTaiwanHigh symmetry / high speed / high precision / wear resistance
Vacuum tableVacuum tableCHINAThe world's top quality / quality stability, strong adsorption
Rack M2GERMANHigh speed / high precision / wear resistance
Vacuum pumpKVT3.250 CBM/Hour7.5KW pumpHigh adsorption force
Dust collector4KW double bagsMade in china 
thermorelayLRD21C(12-18A)CHNTFamous brand
AC contactorLC1D18M7CCHNTFamous brand
Cable drag chain2600.07.075.0shanghaiHigh flexibility: more than 300,000 times of bending resistance
auxiliaryAutomatic up and downMade in china 
 lubrication systemautomatic  

product description:
    Change the tradition, no need to push the table saw, no professional woodworker, no professional draftsman, suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, panel furniture, furniture, office furniture, wooden doors, etc. Fast processing speed, good stability and high precision. Over the years, we have always been committed to creating stable and reliable products, surpassing the expectations of our customers, and constantly strive to innovate. It has set up branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places.
Adhering to the concept of "integrity, quality, innovation", we have great dreams, and we will create value for our customers with excellent products and perfect after-sales service, and strive to become a company that is respected by customers.
core advantages :
1 Function: The product belongs to the heavy-duty machining center and is suitable for engraving, boring, drilling, cutting, chamfering and other diversified products.
2  Structure: The fuselage is welded by high-strength thick-walled steel pipe. It is annealed and sandblasted for anti-rust treatment, and the deformation accuracy is guaranteed.
3 Accessories: The products are equipped with world-renowned brands such as German rack, Taiwan screw guide, Japanese speed reducer and other high-end accessories.
4 Accuracy: Excellent accessories and precise inspection devices make the product achieve perfect positioning and running accuracy.
5 High speed: High-power 1500W servo motor and precision reducer are directly connected to the design, high torque, high kinetic energy and high efficiency.
6 Countertop: Sai Cheng Yi Gao special vacuum warehouse countertop design, the structure of the solid sheet is not easy to deform, the adsorption force is more powerful.
7 Tool magazine: equipped with 20 stepless variable speed servo tool magazines, super fast tool change, low failure rate and higher precision.
Run speed80-100m/minWorking speed12~30m/min
Spindle power9KW ATC spindleSpindle speed3000~24000rpm
Tool magazine capacity16 pcs,with a full set of handles, collet.
Control system SYNTEC
Servo motorSYNTEC 1.2KW
Ball screwHIVIN
Transmission systemHIVIN rail ,PMIφ3210 ball screw
Electrical componentsHpmont-11KW inverter ,CHNT switch,Shanghai high-flexible shielded cable
Table modelSpecial design structure, super vacuum adsorption table (specific technical process confidentiality)
Other accessoriesSwedish SKF bearing, Taiwan Yadak Airtac cylinder
attachments7.5KW water circulation vacuum pump, 4KW double cylinder high power dust collector
Processing size1300*2500*180mm
Total power20KWvoltage380V/50HZ
Gas standardrecommended to use a 15KW screw air compressor with a 1.5 m high gas storage tank.
Wire standardThe machine uses 10 square four-core copper wire / vacuum cleaner vacuum pump with 6 square four-core copper wire

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Woodworking CNC Nesting Machinery for Wood Door MakingWoodworking CNC Nesting Machinery for Wood Door Making

Applicable industry and materials
1. Woodworking: all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, wooden craft, paint doors, screens,
    process window,  wave board processing and other furniture, wooden processing.
2. Advertising industry: advertising signs, labeling, advertising material cutting, plastic molding, LED neon
      advertising and other materials produced decorative products
3. Craft industry: a variety of exquisite designs and text engraving on wood, bamboo, artificial marble,
     organic board, color plates, crystal and other materials.
Woodworking CNC Nesting Machinery for Wood Door Making

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Woodworking CNC Nesting Machinery for Wood Door Making

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